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    • I want to ask, why after i run choRO.exe they not downloading. in the bottom of the file got attempt to connect to patch server... can you help me with this trouble..
    • Hi sahabat ChoRO~ Untuk menambah kemeriahan Open Beta Cho Ragnarok, kami menghadirkan Level Up Reward cara mengikutinya cukup mudah, kalian hanya perlu screenshot karakter  kalian yang berlevel 150 di facebook (post tentang Level up Event) untuk mendapatkan reward "Alternate Outfit Ticket". Reward Level Up   Hanya bisa digunakan oleh job 3 (Rune Knight, Sura, dkk)
    • done min, semoga makin rame kaskuser yg main disini
    • IGN : Ouji Guild Emperium
    • Hi sahabat ChoRO~ Bagi para ChoRO player yang ingin mengetahui daftar dan fungsi item yang tersedia pada Cash Shop Cho Ragnarok, dapat menyimak informasi dibawah ini. ( Item Mall akan diupdate berkala)  125.000 CP  35.000 CP  20.000 CP  75.000 CP  50.000 CP  25.000 CP  30.000 CP   Informasi ChoRO Headgear Box I Pecopeco Hairband   Black Devil Mask  Captain Hat  Harpy Flapping Wing  Flapping Angel Wing Airplane Hat  Bell Ribbon  Black Musang Hat  Black Tail Ribbon  Blue Arara Hat  Ribbon of Life  Bright Fury  Censor Bar  Charming Ribbon  Chicken Hat  Crescent Helm  Cyclops Visor Umbala Spirit Lucky Clover Hattah Hat Evil Marcher Hat Thunderstrom Cloud Hat Drooping Neko Crew Donut in Mouth Dragon Skull Dress Hat Moon Rabbit Hat Drooping Permeter Hat Elephant Hat Eye of Juno Filir Wing Filir Hat Fish in Mouth Note Headphone Helm of Darkness Jasper Crest Deviling Hat Scarlet Rose Mosquito Coil Samurai Mask Flying Galapago Chick Hat Adventure Backpack Vanilmirt Hat  Pirate Dagger Random Ransum  Informasi ChoRO Costume Box I C Pretty Bear  C Black Cat Hood C Tiger Face C Drooping Pope C Drooping Luwmin C Believe Mask C Pirate Hat  C Bankruptcy of Heart C Sato Hat C Beret C Cheks Bandana C White Ribbon C Drooping Kitty Pink C Marin Hat C Valkyrie Feather Band C Shining Sun C Gemmed Shallet C Butterfly Wing Ear C Chicken Bill C Charlie Beard C Singing Bird C Chicken Crest C Thunderstrom Cloud C WIld Rose Hat C Gryphon Hat C Tare Neko C Imp Hat C Drooping Kiel C Drooping Aliot C Wing of Victory C Worg in Mouth C Arc Angelwing C Blossom Flutering C Savage Babe Hat Ransum Box     
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